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An A+ Solution

The "No One Will Know" Device

Made with our highest end materials, this device snaps in place and behaves like your natural, real teeth.

Whether you have existing implants, or are looking into getting implants, this solution is a win win for your pocket and is top quality!

Poor functioning implants?



If you already have ineffective implants and need a solution, Snap2Natural is an affordable implant retained denture that will certainly keep you smiling. Snap2Natural is secured by two implants. Due to The Smile Store’s proprietary implant design, we are able to make this device smaller than our regular dentures, leading to a higher degree of comfort.


Snap2Natural is a premium denture that is bound to boost your confidence, comfort, and oral function. Unlike conventional dentures, Snap2Natural is held in place with implants. The device snaps into the implants and secures your smile. This device does not flip or flop once in place. Snap2Natural is unique in that it serves as a corrective device for misaligned implants that may have been placed in the past. Additionally, it is an affordable and long-lasting solution.


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